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Mirikai Community Services envisions a future where every individual—particularly at-risk youth and NDIS participants—has the support they need to reach their full potential.

Mirikai Community Services

About Mirikai

Driven by a commitment to quality, diversity and innovation, Mirikai Community Services vision is to redefine the standard of community services in New South Wales. Our goal is to not only provide essential services, but to actively seek better ways to serve and support our clients, challenging existing approaches to deliver superior outcomes.

Adaptable to Any Environment

Positive Role Models with Resilience

Non-judgemental, Understanding & Support

As a new entity backed by an experienced team, we aim to position ourselves as a trusted provider, setting benchmarks for compassionate, personalised care that truly changes lives. Through this commitment, we aspire to make a positive, generational impact, one life at a time.

Services & Programs

At Mirikai Community Services, we offer the following services and programs.

Family Group Conferencing Program

At Mirikai Community Services, our Family Group Conferencing (FGC) programs facilitate a collaborative approach to conflict resolution, focusing on the critical goal of family restoration. These programs ensure a coordinated effort, fostering open dialogue and active participation from all stakeholders. Our primary aim is to cultivate harmony and mutual understanding, facilitating the process of healing and reunification within the family unit.

Family Support & Workers Supervised Contact

Mirikai Community Services’ team of specialised support workers plays a crucial role in enabling successful visitation experiences. Adhering meticulously to legislative processes and procedures, they ensure a safe, structured and supportive environment that fosters positive interactions. Their dedicated work forms a cornerstone of our commitment to maintaining strong family connections and relationships.

Mentoring Programs

At Mirikai Community Services, our mentors are not just guides but trained professionals in therapeutic care. Their expertise equips them to provide emotional support and insights, fostering personal growth and resilience among those we serve. Their empathetic approach and therapeutic skills serve as a pillar of strength, contributing significantly to our holistic care model.

Alternative Care Arrangements

Mirikai Community Services’ Alternative Care Arrangements program offers round-the-clock support, where our dedicated workers design and implement structured daily activities that promote safety and well-being. This continuous care ensures that every day is filled with purposeful engagement, contributing to a stable and nurturing environment for those we serve.


What is the Family Group Conferencing (FGC) program?

The Family Group Conferencing program at Mirikai Community Services is designed to support conflict resolution and family restoration. It provides a coordinated, collaborative approach, involving all stakeholders to foster open dialogue and mutual understanding.

What role do specialised support workers play in visitations?

Our specialised support workers are integral to ensuring successful visitation experiences. They adhere to legislative processes and procedures, providing a safe, structured, and supportive environment for positive interactions and strengthening family connections.

How are mentors at Mirikai Community Services trained?

Our mentors are trained in therapeutic care, equipping them with the skills to provide emotional support, insights, and foster personal growth and resilience among those we serve.

What is the Alternative Care Arrangements program?

The Alternative Care Arrangements program at Mirikai Community Services is a 24/7 program where our dedicated workers design and implement structured daily activities that promote safety and well-being, providing continuous care and purposeful engagement.

How can I access the services of Mirikai Community Services?

You can access our services by contacting us directly. Visit our contact form for more details, or call us at 0466 667 015. We will guide you through the process of determining which of our services are the best fit for your needs.

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